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Change Log - DotD 6.0 Beta 3 Pp_adm10
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Change Log - DotD 6.0 Beta 3 Empty Change Log - DotD 6.0 Beta 3

on Tue 04 Nov 2008, 15:16
//=========================== Dawn Of The Dead 6.0 Beta 3 ===========================//

Changes/Fixes done until now:

- Fixed some typos.
- The -team command now works fine.
- The -debug command now solves a screwed up minimap.
- The multiboard should now be updated correctly after a player leaves the game.

- High ranked players (ranked Major and above) will now receive less xp on low difficulties
- Changed the text in the loading screen.

- Civilians will now follow their saviour a little more often instead of attacking nearby zombies.
- The convoy will now wait at certain points to let stay soldiers or civilians catch up.
- NPC marines will now evade enemy units that are attacking them.
- NPC marines will now use grenades on targets of opportunity.

- A few more secondary weapons will now drop initially.
- Clips will now stack with ammo boxes.
- Satchels and expl. charges that have been disarmed and clips created by the Engineer's ability can now automatically be stacked even if you have a full inventory.
- Fixed an error that allowed you to carry several armors at once.
- Fixed a bug with Targeting assistant

- Fixed an error that reduced the damage that heroes took from zombie hits.
- Rifle, Explosive, Fire, Machine Gun damage now only deals 40% damage to Kevlar armor to prevent teamkills.
- Sniper and Marksman now have Rifle-damage instead of Armor Piercing-damage.
- Demolition's set-up time for rockets will be reduced by .25 seconds for each level.
- Engineers Refill now can not be used on completely filled weapons.
- Engineers Energy Generator improved.
- Engineers Sentry Gun weakened.
- Engineers Power Net slightly improved.
- Rifleman's Grenade will now deal proper damage in all situations.

- Fixed an exploit that made it much easier to kill the Man Eating Plant.
- Added a new enemy: Crypt Fiend.

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