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Change Log - DOTD 6.0 Beta 1 Pp_adm10
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Change Log - DOTD 6.0 Beta 1 Empty Change Log - DOTD 6.0 Beta 1

on Tue 01 Jul 2008, 15:40
Dawn Of The Dead 6.0 Beta 1

Updates are in bold

Changes/Fixes done until now:
- Corrected several typos.
- Updated tooltips on all heroes and skills except of Scout (who needs a remake).
- Increased the space for player names in the multiboard.
- You now cannot save in single player.
- Removed "boom" message on zombie detonation.
- Removed a gap in the north-east corner where zombies can get stuck.
- Removed a gap in the middle of the map where items can get stuck.
- Fractures should now work more accurate.
- New icon for Demolition's Rockets and for Smoke Grenades added.
- Fixed an exploit concerning visibility.
- The Kick command now works.
- Increased the stats bonuses that ranks give.
- NPC marines now don't have damage/armor upgrades displayed.
- Changed the music list to the most appropiate in-game songs.
- The NPCs' casualty count in wave 9 should now work properly.
- Removed a bottleneck where NPC marines sometimes cannot fit through.
- Corrected several typos.
- Fixed a bug concerning the NPC's Marine AI
- Added a new tileset for streets.
- Increased starting ammunition by 2 clips.
- Added a '-tl'-command which indicates the position of all team members on the minimap.
- Added a '-debug'-command which should solve the problem of not getting promoted correctly, not seeing the multiboard, having minimap issues. Untested yet.
- The standard hero death message will now not be shown anymore.
- The game will now show which hero each player has chosen.
- Player 8 (Pink) will now receive his correct rank after loading.
- Grenades and rockets will now create the correct special effect in all cases.
- The game will now not continue anymore when every soldier is dead.
- Removed an error where all heroes gained +1 armor.
- Removed an error where Bionics - Arms did not increase the attack speed. (Bionics still cannot be earned).
- A revived player will now lose vision of his allies again.
- Added more barricades and corpses to certain places.
- The hitpoints of barricades increased by 3200%. They can now sustain several seconds of rifle fire
- Some spots are now completely blocked with barricades and have to be forced open by rifle fire or explosives.
- Loading is now disabled when the second wave begins.
- Revived heroes will now have initially 75% of their hp and 25% of their mana.
- A message will appear over a soldier's head when he reloads, if there are at least two players.
- Land Warrior's reload message removed.
- Added a new Mission #1.

- Hero-XP gain increased by 20%.
- Reduced Rank-XP for missions by ~20%.

- Slightly increased the AH-1W Cobra's attack damage.
- Changed the Cobra's damage type from Machine Gun to Rifle.
- Flare guns can now not be fired at enemies anymore.
- Flare guns now reduce the movement and attack speed of zombies within it's area of effect.
- Every Marine's collision size increased. They now shouldn't be able to stack.
- Throwing range of Smoke Grenades and Road Flares increased by 300.
- The damage of MGL-32's and MRC-GL's grenade increased by 300.
- The damage of Shotgun slightly reduced.
- Increased the damage of all burst fire weapons by ~15%.
- Spectra Vest slightly weakened.
- Added two new items
- Reduced the number of initial item drops.
- Items now drop in wave 1, 5, 8.
- Simplified some of the item tooltips.
- Removed Artemis 10 Recharger Kit from the game.
- Removed EMP Grenades from the game.
- Reduced the number of Medkits that spawn.
- Reduced amount of health gained from Medkits from 125 to 100.
- Increased the number of First Aid Kits that spawn.
- Increased initial charges of First Aid Kits from 4 to 5.
- First Aid Kits now can stack up to 5.
- Reduced amount of health gained from First Aid Kit from 275 to 175
- Items now have a description which explains what they're good for. The description does not name exact values.
- Increased damage bonus of JHP ammunition in case it stuns from 20 to 50.
- Reduced cooldown of Flare Gun (item) from 5 to 2 seconds.

- Slightly reduced attack speed for all soldiers except of sniper.
- Increased missile speed for all soldiers.
- Reduced reloading time for each hero by two seconds.
- Replaced Single/Auto Fire from the Abilities Menu with Toggle Trigger Safety.
- Slightly reduced the damage of all heroes.
- Added a new hero.
- Sniper Shot cooldown reduced from 3 to 2 seconds.
- Sniper's Sniper Shot will now display the correct damage when scoring a crit.
- Sniper Shot's damage increased.
- Sniper's damage increased.
- Sniper's Concentration improved.
- Sniper's Sniper Scope improved. Removed Scope's special effect.
- Reduced Sniper's bonus damage against heavily armored targets.
- Added a second rocket type to the Demolitions. He now possesses Anti-Tank and Anti-Infantry warheads.
- Added Napalm Canister to the Demolitions. He gains this skill when reaching Heavy Ordnance Handling lvl 5.
- Demolitions' Satchel's and Explosive Charge's cooldown got slightly reduced.
- Demolitions' Satchel's and Explosive Charge's mana cost got slightly increased.
- Demolitions' rockets will now destroy trees.
- Demolitions' rockets' damage and firing range increased.
- Demolitions' rockets now have a ~2 seconds firing delay in which you can not move.
- Demolitions' rockets should now deal the correct damage in the correct area.
- Engineer's Refill Weapon works now correctly.
- Engineer's Refill now adds 10 charges to burst fire weapons instead of only 5.
- Engineer's Energy Generator now uses the right buff.
- Scout's Flare is now significantly better.
- Scout's Combat Assistance Drone replaced with Endurance.
- Scout's Evasion replaced with Cloaking.
- Scout's Target Designation now has two levels.
- Machine Gunner's Rapid Fire cooldown drastically reduces, but mana cost increased by 25%.
- Machine Gunner's IAS for the first level of Rapid Fire reduced, but drastically increased the IAS of all other levels.
- Machine Gunner's Fire Support range increased by 100.
- Machine Gunner's Fire Support now has an aura animation for the MG.
- Machine Gunner's damage, attack speed and movement speed slightly reduced.
- Machine Gunner's effectivity against heavy armored targets slightly reduced.
- Machine Gunner's Ammunition Link will now show that it increases reload time (which it did before, also).
- Rifleman's Rifle Grenade cooldown reduced and damage increased.
- Fixed a bug with the Rifleman's Painkillers that could increase attack speed beyond normal limits.
- Medic's Blood Transfusion's and First Aid Nanite's cooldown reduced.
- Medic now learns revive with Battlefield Medicine level 4 (hero level 7).
- Medic's Revive's cooldown and mana cost slightly reduced.
- Medic will now have a small red cross over his head when Battlefield Medicine is skilled.
- Medic's Heal now drastically better, but also increased mana cost.
- Increased the clip size of all units except of Machine Gunner and Sniper to 50.

- Added 2 new zombie classes.
- Respawned enemies will now also receive random HP and MS bonuses.
- Bosses will now always spawn at one of the edges of the map.
- Bosses will now not receive random HP and MS bonuses.
- Reduced chance that Whiteys will create a poisonous cloud on death.
- Reduced chance that Ghouls will respawn as Shamblers (small red ghouls).
- Reduced chance that Zombie Villagers will respawn as Suicidals.
- Number of zombies during Lurker mission increased.
- Increased base Hp of all zombies by roughly 33% and by 15% for all bosses.
- Reduced HP-bonus depending on difficulty.
- Whitey's base HP slightly reduced.
- Increased HP and damage of Suicidals.
- Increased HP and movement speed of exploding zombies.
- Reduced the Monstrosity's base damage from 475 to 300.
- Increased the Spiderling's motion buffer by 30. They should now hit more often.
- Increased base movement speed of strong zombies.
- Doubled the Parasite's base hp.
- Increased Cerberus' movement speed and attack buffer and reduced it's attack range slightly.
- Replaced the Monstrosity in wave 4a with an Hellspawn.
- Decreased number of spawns in wave 9.
- Increased the strength of spawns in wave 9 and 10 drastically.
- Armor of most bosses increased.
- Armor of some normal enemies reduced.
- Increased evasion chance for parasites.
- Some graphical changes on wraiths done.
- Wraiths have now less hitpoints but are significantly faster.
- Damage of poisonous clouds increased by 50%.
- Removed Spiderlings.
- Some bosses, zombies and every larger air unit now has True Sight.
- Reduced the sight range of most zombies.
- Renamed Creep to Tentacle.
- Removed a bug where the Tentacles gave experience when they were not meant to do.

- Reduced infection chance to 2% per hit.
- Doubled the damage of infection.
- Doubled the movement speed loss of infection.
- Reduced the movement speed loss due to fracture (leg).

- Increased ammunition drop on easy difficulty.
- Random HP and MS bonuses for zombies increase with the selected difficulty
- Difficulty system changed. The higher the selected difficulty the faster the game pace will become.
- Added "Hell on Earth"-difficulty. It's really hard Wink
- Players will receive more Kill-XP on higher difficulties.
- Chance of poisonous clouds, Shamblers and Suicidals increases when selected a higher difficulty.
- Graphic bug concerning Reaper removed.
- Fixed a bug that could cause Cerberus not to spawn.

- Various smaller changes.
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