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Change Log - DotD 6.0 Beta 4 Pp_adm10
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Change Log - DotD 6.0 Beta 4 Empty Change Log - DotD 6.0 Beta 4

on Sun 23 Nov 2008, 15:23
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//=========================== Dawn Of The Dead 6.0 Beta 4 ===========================//

Changes/Fixes done until now:

- Fixed a serious issue with item stacking.
- The -debug command will now debug the multiboard again.
- Bugged multiboards should appear less often.
- Server-split problems are fixed, I believe.
- Adjusted difficulty a bit.
- Display bugs from Beta 4b fixed.

- Added a little more gates to the first mission.
- Fixed the XP-reward from mission 3.
- Each mission result will now show your difficulty XP modifier.

- Less enemies will appear between mission 2 and 3.
- Hunter will now also spawn in Normal difficulty
- Added a new ability to certain ghouls: Hunter-Pin (see Left4Dead for reference).

- Fixed an error that caused Fractured Arm not to appear.

- Engineer's hotkeys fixed.

- You will now receive a message after loading a code that exceeds the xp limit for the selected difficulty.
- Reduced XP limit for Normal difficulty from Major to Second Lieutenant.
- Reduced XP limit for Nightmare difficulty from Brigadier General to Colonel.

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