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Change Log - DotD 6.0 Beta 8

on Sun 11 Oct 2009, 21:46
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//=========================== Dawn Of The Dead 6.0 Beta 8 ===========================//

Changes/Fixes done until now (new entries are in bold):

- Tooltip and typo fixes.
- Dawn of the Dead now fully uses the advantages of patch 1.24 for increased performance.
- The game's difficulty is slightly reduced.
- Added some variety to the dialogue in the beginning.
- The -cam command now takes parameters. E.g. "-cam 3000" for maximum zoom-out.
- Artillery does now destroy items.
- Added a Fast Mode which allows a faster game pace.
- Added a Ironman Mode which disables revives and increases xp.
- Downtime between Plant and Mutated Dogs slightly reduced.
- You cannot put corpses into the Scout's bag anymore (bugfix).
- Medic's Deagle will now automatically reload when you were out of ammunition (bugfix).
- Killing of NPC soldiers (friendly fire) will now be punished.
- Transfusion of NPC medics improved.
- Supply Storage energy pool increased from 500 to 750.
- Some abilities now deal greater damage against designated targets (will be shown in the tooltip).
- Most cinematics can now be skipped / shortened by pressing the Escape key (still experimental).
- Added many new random chat lines.
- Added two new heroes: Vanguard Operative and Field Technician.
- Added some variety to the intro cinematic.
- Added a few new areas and increased the number of props and doodads in existing areas.
- Time delay between entering a load code and completition of loading removed.

- Fixed a bug where you could share control of the battlefield terminal before you had access to it.
- Fixed spawning points so that zombies should not spawn in the eastern walls anymore.
- Fixed another spawning point inside the forest.
- Fixed two serious stacking bugs that occured when using the Scout's item bag.
- The players get rewarded the correct amount of xp for the last mission now.
- Fixed a bug where units of kicked players lose their vision.
- Fixed a bug with the Firebat's ailment resistance when using Protection Matrix.
- Fixed a bug where the officer's abilities did not get updated when the hero is picked after loading.
- Fixed a bug where NPCs fire rockets regardless of nearby friendlies.
- Fixed a bug which would cause the Power Plant to accept items apart from Spare Parts.
- Fixed a bug with the Engineer's Energy Generator.
- Fixed a bug with the Scout's Ammunition Sweep pinging destroyed items.
- Fixed some display bugs with the Give Clips ability.
- Fixed an error in the Assaultman's Assault Skills tooltip.
- Corrected the tooltips of the hero attributes (strength, int, agility).
- Fixed a bug where Give Clips and Drop Clips did not stack with ammo already in inventory.
- Fixed a bug where dead heroes would sometimes talk random chat.
- Fixed all bugs with the MEDEVAC not rescuing dead bodies correctly (I think).
- Fixed a bug with the RPG-32 dealing too little damage when fired by a Demolition.
- Fixed some naming differences in the Critical Hit abilities.
- Fixed the description of the First Aid Kit.
- Fixed a bug where Leadership would affect enemy units.
- Fixed a bug where Transfusion and Emergency Treatment would interfere with each other.
- Fixed (I think) a bug where the Battlefield control would be "killed in action".
- Fixed a bug where Col. White would die, but still be considered alive.

- Assaultman's attack speed increased by 0.15 seconds.
- Firebat's base damage increased by 3.
- Scout's Orbital Cannon now has a visual indication shortly before it hits.
- Scout's Orbital Cannon does not require the Scout to stay immobile the full amount of time.
- Scout's Orbital Cannon area of effect increased by 50.
- Scout's Ammunition Sweep will now also ping weapons loaded with ammunition (empty weapons will not be pinged).
- Added a new ability called Twin-Link to the Engineer's Sentry gun.
- Machine Gunner's base hitpoints increased by 25.

- SGT. Madigan, COL. White and LT. Kimbley now have evasion.
- Civilians now have evasion.
- Battlefield Control can now be used to call attack helicopters.
- MEDEVAC's damage slightly decreased.
- Cooldown and mana cost of most Battlefield Control abilities changed.
- Hotkey for Officer's abilities changed from I to Z.
- Added two abilities to a soldier's corpse to kill himself.

- True sight radius of zombies such as gargoyles reduced by 100.
- Man-eating Plant's ranks damage improved.
- Lurker damage increased when burrowed.
- Added a new, rare assassin-type zombie.

- City map's duration and area of effect increased.
- Added two new ammo types specifically for Firebat.
- Increased the number of secondary weapons during late-game.
- Attribute Modules improved.
- Nartheticum Nano Stimulator improved.
- Added several new items.
- Added a couple of new guns, mostly rare ones.
- A Corpse (Item) will now show the player it belongs to as the number of charges, so you know who you're rescuing.
- Reduced range for CPR Kits to lower the chance of accidently reviving the wrong player.

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Re: Change Log - DotD 6.0 Beta 8

on Sun 11 Oct 2009, 22:01
attack helicopters! woot


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Re: Change Log - DotD 6.0 Beta 8

on Mon 12 Oct 2009, 00:15
ahahha excellent!!! what we asked in the BF topic came true ^^ attack helicopters ^^

about the -cam zoom command... finnally! lots of people really wanted that ^^... the normal -cam zoom its good, but some ppl like to have even zoom (specially snipers and AM)

and i hope we dont get killed by kimbley and white anymore hahah ^^

Waiting for B8 now >_<
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Re: Change Log - DotD 6.0 Beta 8

on Mon 12 Oct 2009, 01:13
Uhh.. topic locked. You can post your feedback in the ideas topic.. or somewhere else.

Note to myself: Don't always forget to lock the update topics >.<

Gimli: Ya then people can just post w/e they want ^^

Anime is a prime example of why two nukes just weren't enough
Way to go, America!
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Re: Change Log - DotD 6.0 Beta 8

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