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Change Log - DOTD 6.0 Beta 2 Pp_adm10
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Change Log - DOTD 6.0 Beta 2 Empty Change Log - DOTD 6.0 Beta 2

on Sun 24 Aug 2008, 22:38
//=========================== Dawn Of The Dead 6.0 Beta 2 ===========================//

Ok, really now. I haven't kept track of all the changes. It's too much back and forth to tell, but here are the changes worth to tell:

-> Advanced Marksman added.
-> Medal system added.
-> Mission 1 & 2 are reworked/new.
-> Lotsa new items, many of them only available in higher difficulties.
-> Heroes can now carry weapons/ammo modifier that are not suited for them, but they won't receive any bonuses from it. (e.g. a firebat can pick up a rifle, but he won't gain the damage or attack bonus).
-> Medic has limited revives. Killed heroes will die permanently after 5 minutes without treatment.
-> Some heroes are only available for higher ranks.
-> From Sergeant on, you'll gain several rank-specific abilities.
-> Sentries can now be refilled by dropping ammo clips/boxes into their inventory

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