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Re: Dota CLan Games.

on Mon 03 Aug 2009, 04:15
I'm not gonna make any quotes since there are enough in this thread already.
I don't say that dota is a bad game. I think it's rather mediocre, and just like s3rius said, it's quite funny to play with friends and on LAN parties. But it's not fun to play like the hardcores are playing it, day out day in.

But if I ever get onto when you're playing I might be up for a game or two.

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Re: Dota CLan Games.

on Mon 03 Aug 2009, 15:48
I seems to me that everyone on this thread that doesn't like dota has good reason not too. Pub games with faggots and leavers ruin dota games and attitudes towards it. Misho if you tried a game where it was all clan members and friends I'm sure you would enjoy it. I feel like if you have the right people, dota can be fun and very strategic.
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