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 Funny Games!

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PostSubject: Funny Games!   Sun 11 Feb 2007, 17:37

Well i was out on the web and i found some really cool free games for you guys

NewtonPlayGround - http://newton.delphigl.de/newtonplayground.html


A really neat physics program where you can mess around with a lot of stuff, or play around with the pre-made demo levels.

black shades - http://www.wolfire.com/blackshades.html


In Black Shades you control a psychic bodyguard, and try to protect
the VIP (dressed in white) from a horde of zombies, snipers and other
assorted would-be assassins.

FreeDoom - http://freedoom.sourceforge.net/index.php X


The classic shooter DOOM, but for free! ... Well, kind of. The source
for the DOOM engine was released, but the game's content was not, so
these guys took it upon themselves to make a DOOM game that's
completely free!

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PostSubject: Re: Funny Games!   Sun 11 Feb 2007, 18:33

oh, they sound interesting. the ragdoll animation promises fun already, hah. ill test them out in time - thx for link Very Happy


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PostSubject: Re: Funny Games!   Sun 11 Feb 2007, 20:50

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PostSubject: Re: Funny Games!   

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Funny Games!
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