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Change Log - DotD 6.0 Beta 7 Pp_adm10
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Change Log - DotD 6.0 Beta 7 Empty Change Log - DotD 6.0 Beta 7

on Sun 17 May 2009, 23:14
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//=========================== Dawn Of The Dead 6.0 Beta 7 ===========================//

Changes/Fixes done until now:

- Obligatory tooltip & typo fixes.
- Explosive barrels deal significantly more damage on higher difficulties.
- Colonel White's team is now better equipped in Hell games.
- Added a new intro cinematic.
- After loading a code other players will not see the "xxx has been promoted to yyy" message.
- Artillery now destroys explosives.
- Players now cannot receive fractures or eye damage in the first few minutes of the game.
- Chance to receive ailment in Normal mode reduced by 25%.
- Sprinting with a broken leg now damages you, but allows you to sprint for a short time.
- NPC soldiers are now able to pick-up and use all items suited for their class.
- All NPC soldiers now have 4 inventory slots.
- A player whose hero is being revived now receives a notification.
- Upon revival of a hero the camera of the owning player centers on him.
- Upon revival Privates now gain 4 seconds near-invulnerability.
- Battlefield control is now not available in Normal difficulty.
- The chance to get "Darkness"-mission is now 0% on Normal difficulty.
- User Interface graphically improved.
- Added more functionality to the multiboard.
- Players will now also gain experience from killing an enemy with a NPC soldier.
- The unit from which you select your hero at the start of a game now leaves the map after ~10 minutes.
- Added a new sub-mission.
- Non-hero soldiers now receive infections and bleeding (no fractures, eye damage, though).
- NPC soldiers now use medkits when injured. Some spawn with them initially.
- The first group of civilians now attempts to meet up with Sgt. Madigan faster.
- You may now save up to 3 times in a game.
- Helicopters now disappear when taking off (instead of dying).
- Civilians sometimes carry melee weapons to defend themselves.
- Updated armor descriptions.
- Heroes now require more xp for the first few levels, but less for later levels.
- Heroes now also gain hero and rank xp while being far away from the rest of the team.
- Players now gain less rank xp per kill the more players are in the game.
- Initial difficulty is now lower, but rises during the course of the game.
- Heroes are now invulnerable during cinematics.
- Battlefield control will now be passed to the next higher player when the highest-ranked player leaves the game.
- The highest player can now grat battlefield control for everyone meeting the rank requirements by typing: -bfcontrol all.
- Players will now receive a message when the mutated experiments start hunting.
- Damage reduction per armor point slightly reduced.

- Commands such as -kills or -team will now also list leavers.
- The kills-command will now also display total kills.
- The mystats-command will now display the player's ailment resistance.

- Fixed a display error where you would be shown less xp than actually awarded upon completition of both second missions.
- Fixed a bug where players who did not load did not receive the xp bonus on Nightmare and Hell mode.
- Fixed a bug where you would not get xp for rescuing a leaver's corpse with MEDEVAC.
- Fixed a bug where insufficient ammunition was dropped in Normal difficulty.
- Fixed a bug where NPC marines would use up food.
- Fixed a rare bug with Sgt. Madigan spawning twice.
- Fixed a rare bug that could make you lose some levels of Critical Strike when using Scope.
- Fixed a bug where players would receive Expertise before reaching the rank of Lieutnant Colonel.
- Fixed a bug where a player's bullet count would not reset properly when having more rounds than intended.
- Fixed a bug where players who died while having an eye injury would not get their sight range back to normal after being revived.
- Fixed a bug where kicking a leaver would cause the multiboard to malfunction.
- Fixed a bug where Player Red was held responsible when a player died from Heavy Bleeding.
- Fixed a bug where players who died from a poisonous cloud were allegedly commiting suicide.
- Fixed a bug where player-owned non-hero marines were rescued by the Evac chopper from the first mission.
- Fixed a bug where players were able to pass ammunition to each other by using the Allies-menu (F11).
- Removed several inaccessible places from the map.
- Removed the bonus damage/hp that NPC soldiers from player-controled units receive in higher difficulties.
- Fixed a bug where Firebat could gain more bonus armor than intended.
- Fixed a bug that can cause a crash shortly after using a shotgun.
- Fixed a bug where the convoy would directly move to the landing zone instead of moving on the street.
- The 'Ammunition bug' where you would lose a bullet without actually firing will occur less often now.
- Fixed a bug where the Scout started with less ammunition that he should have.
- Fixed a bug where burrowed Lurkers sometimes did not attack.
- Fixed a bug where exploding zombies were dealing the wrong amount of damage.

- Removed the Show/Hide Medals skill.
- Added a "Give clips" skill to pass clips to another hero.
- Critical Strike renamed to Critical Hit.
- Critical Hit chance improved (except of Sniper's).

- Machine Gunner is now restriced to Private First Class and above.
- Engineer is now restricted to Specialist and above.
- Adv. Marksman is now restricted to Corporal and above.
- Firebat is now restricted to Sergeant and above.
- Demolitions is now restricted to Staff Sergeant and above.

- Assaultman's Assault Armor armor bonus increased to 2 per level.
- Assaultman's attack range increased by 100.
- Assaultman's Frag. Shards damage increased to 120/180/240/300/360.
- Assaultman's Assault Skills damage increase changed from 10 to 15 per level.
- Assaultman's Rapid Fire cooldown reduced to 25 seconds.

- Marksman's ground flare cooldown reduced by 15 seconds.
- Marksman's Concentration cooldown reduced by 20 seconds.
- Marksman's Concentration mana cost increased by 30.
- Marksman's and Sniper's Rifle Scope mana cost increased.
- Marksman's attack speed increased.
- Marksman's clip size increased to 40.
- Marksman's damage reduced by 25.
- Marksman's Tactical Stance attack speed increament reduced to 75%.

- Scout's abilities revamped.
- Scout now carries a backpack that has space for 5 additional items.
- Rifleman's base hitpoint regeneration increased from 0.25 hp/sec to .5 hp/sec.
- Rifleman's Stimpack now improves hitpoint regeneration when used.
- Rifleman's Stimpack now counteracts infections and bleeding and heals them on higher levels.
- Firebat's base hitpoint regeneration increased from 0.25 hp/sec to .4 hp/sec.
- Firebat's base damage and attackspeed slightly decreased.
- Firebat's Fire Burst cooldown reduced to 8 seconds.
- Firebat's Fire Burst mana cost changed to 45/50/55/60/65.
- Firebat now has the ability Fuel Combustion.
- Medic's Anabolic Steroids cooldown reduced from 20 to 15 seconds for all levels.
- Medic's MeDiCom will now mark diseased units in the multiboard as infected.
- Medic's Antidote can now always be used on zombies.
- Medic's Bandage skill removed.
- Medic's Transfusion now cures bleeding.
- Medic's Antidote is now more potent against zombies.
- Medic now carries a Desert Eagle.
- Demolition's Anti Infantry Rocket cooldown reduced from 30 to 20 seconds.
- Demolition's Anti Infantry Rocket now has 0.5 seconds less firing delay than AT rocket.
- Demolition's Heavy Ornance Handling skill revamped.
- Demolition's Anti Infantry Rocket area of effect reduced.
- Demolition's Anti Infantry Rocket firing delay changed.
- Demolition's Anti Tank Rocket firing delay changed.
- Demolition's Anti Tank Rocket damage increased.
- Demolition's Satchel charge energy cost reduced from 65 to 45.
- Machine Gunner's Ammunition Feed now increases clip size by 100 each level, but consumes 2 extra clips.
- Machine Gunner's efficiency against small and medium targets increased.
- Machine Gunner's damamge slightly increased.
- Sniper's Claymore damage increased from 450 to 600.
- Sniper's Claymore area of effect reduced from 250 to 200.
- Sniper's and Marksmans's Rifle Scope now adds +2 to Critical Hit for each level.
- Sniper's and Marksmans's Rifle Scope energy cost now increases with level.
- Sniper's attack speed decreased by 0.35 seconds.
- Sniper's clip size reduced from 16 to 15.
- Sniper's hitpoints reduced by 30.
- Sniper's damage slightly increased.
- Sniper received the skill Sniping.
- Sniper's Designation will now show a message like Scout's skill does.

- Slightly reduced attack range from NPC riflemen and Sgt. Madigan.
- MEDEVAC's damage per second toned down.
- Artillery Beacon is now less accurate, but damages a wider area.

- Increased hitpoints and damage of Nestlings.
- Mutated Dogs are now stronger when they are evolved on Nightmare and Hell mode.
- Stalker's Critical Strike damage reduced from 750% to 400%.
- Removed knockdown (pin) from Hunter.
- Stalkers will knockdown (pin) more often now.
- Increased the number of zombies in the first wave.
- Increased the over-all number of zombies.
- Increased the number of zombies for higher difficulties.
- Reaper now counts as boss (it will be pinged ass boss by Scout's Radar; it will be stronger on higher diff.).
- Stalker's damage reduced.
- Locust's life time reduced from 180 seconds to 150 seconds (without the bonus for each difficulty level).
- Added some nasty enemies, especially for NM/Hell.
- Locust removed from the game due to bugs.
- Reaper's splash area doubled.
- Lurker's attack damage increased by 20 (not the spikes attack).

- Item descriptions of weapons and armors now include the item's level (from 1 to 5).
- Fixed the icons of some weapons.
- New item: Medical Suit Enhancer (level 2 item) (Medic only).
- New item: 'Narthecium' Nano Stimulator (level 4 item) (Medic only).
- New item: Duralloy Flechette Ammunition (level 3 item).
- New item: XM-28 HSS (level 5 item).
- RPG 32's firing delay removed.
- Due to the high number of new items, class weapons will only spawn if the corresponding class is selected.
- Increased item hp to 300 to prevent unintentional destruction.
- Added several new items.
- Item supplies during Fort mission now scale with number of players and difficulty level.
- Ripper Gun renamed to M72 Gauss Rifle.
- JHP's chance to stun increased from 5% to 10%, but stun duration reduced from 1.75 to 1.25.
- First Aid Kits now do not dispel on attack anymore.
- Removed lag when firing Shotguns.
- RPG-32 now has 1 second firing delay.
- JHP bonus damage reduced from 8 to 6.
- The RPG-32 now deals more damage and fires without delay when used by a Demolitions.
- You cannot carry more than 1 Targeting Assistant anymore.
- Ammunition boxes and Clips are now better visible.
- The number of class items is now equivalent to the number of heroes (2 Firebats=2 Flamethrowers).
- Fixed several errors in item descriptions.
- Barricades' hitpoints reduced by 100.
- Barricades' hitpoint regeneration removed.

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Change Log - DotD 6.0 Beta 7 Pp_adm10
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on Tue 02 Jun 2009, 18:26
Big update.

Anime is a prime example of why two nukes just weren't enough
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Change Log - DotD 6.0 Beta 7 Pp_adm10
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on Mon 22 Jun 2009, 17:06

Anime is a prime example of why two nukes just weren't enough
Way to go, America!
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