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FAQ for the ZDC/ZKC clan

on Thu 02 Jul 2009, 04:58
ZDC/ZKC Grunt status:
requirements: 4500xp verified by a shaman

i want the grunt to be the players who have enough experience to be able to play more advanced games... so if you want to play a nightmare game, i suggest you look towards the grunts of the clan!

How to become a ZDC/ZKC grunt:
Get a shaman to submit your XP to the list...
that is only done by playing a game with one of the shamans who wants to submit those xp, sorry we won't take your word...
also you have to be in the clan for at least 7 days to be able to be promoted into the grunt status

How do i get the hosting bot's admin acess priviledges
become a grunt and sign the thread with the rules and guidelines at:

Can you make an exception for me? you know how nice i'm for you. etc, ect...
I wouldn't even give admin acess to my mom unless she meet the requirements, why would you be more important than her?
you need to have a bare minimum of knowledge of the game, be in the clan for the 7 days probation and sign the agreement...
it's nothing hard to accomplish to get to play more games and some control if problems arises...

Where is the bot?
ask Gimli.SoG it's his bot... you can't always expect 100% uptime, he's paying for it 100% out of his own pocket... thank him, don't annoy him too much about it, he might get pissed off and remove his public services...

Gimli: DOTD-Host is hosting up to 3 games concurrently 24/7 (well, as close to 24/7 as I can get it). Look for that bot on US East, US West, and Europe. As for the other bot which you can earn admin access to, Gimli-Host is currently offline until I get a pair of CD-keys for it.

I can't join the clan channel restricts every channel to it's clan members... you need a clan membe to join the channel to "open" it, then anyone can join it as long as there is still one person in the channel... if the channel is empty, only clan members (ZDC) can join it
it's the rules, not ours, we can't do anything about it...

WTF! i can't post in the ZDC forums!
Please read this:

i don't have any ideas for more FAQ.... PM me any suggestions!
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