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PostSubject: ARTICLES   Mon 30 Oct 2006, 18:05

As you can see the forum changed a lot since last month.
Now The category DOTD STARS is bigger

I wanna make the public ressource as a informative center for all kind of things.
This category is only readable for Members they cant answer.
So its just articles for having info about all mission concept , from combat trainning , science research , weapons tech etc....

The Factory:
needs article about specifics weapons (i make a list soon)

The Laboratory:
needs articles about items as combat suit, nitrate shells , nightvision module , nanocam ...

The Training:
needs articles about military tactics and in game situation vs a bunch of zombie

The terrain recon:
needs description of the terrain , places in the city etc...

The Headquarters
Need a general description of all mission .. they are not definite and of course nothing will pass as its written here ;p there is always more blood ^^

The Medical Research
Needs articles about medecine , human corps resistance , Virus , antitoxin , steriods etc ...

I will make somes articles with pictures about that , as you will see what i mean ... well , one post (subject/article) is one sheet of paper and its in announcement .
U need creativity and mass imagination .
of course u can use the web for having mass descriptions and pictures ;p but dont copy paste only , make it related to the curse of this city.
Always get idea that many people are dying under zombie claws ;p

good luck

if u got problem for access the topics just ask me for permission granted .

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