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on Fri 19 Jun 2009, 22:58
The whole idea behind IOTD is RPG with the flavour of Zombie survival. But it's not similar to most rpgs either. To be honest there is just one RPG that i've played in wc3 that uses this kind of system. That game is dungeon crawler. Anyway if you are familiar with the final fantasy games I'm sure you'll feel somewhat at home. At least that is how my depiction of final fantasy works.

Basically you control a transport, which in this case is a boat. You use it to travel to different locations, but there is also random events that happens from time to time. So every trip will be a new experience.

At the moment the world looks like this.

But there is more lands to come and new places to explore to make sure your game will be unique.

A few examples of what the places you visit may look like here is a few examples.
This one is the city of "Seriousville" it may be named after some person around here but I'm not sure.

One of the survivor camps? (Even though there is only 1 at the moment)

The city of Zea, No idea how I made up the name.

This is the broken highway.

Ofcourse there is a lot more places than just these. These are only a taste.

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