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 [An ask] Dawn of the dead 5.2

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PostSubject: [An ask] Dawn of the dead 5.2   Sun 15 Mar 2009, 21:57

Hi! my name is Emiliano, I'm from Argentina and I'm a dotd fan!
I play with some friend in battle.net (ombu server) and we're trying to make famous the map.
Anyway, I would like to know if someone can create a new version of dodt 5.2. We play dodt 5.2 O (http://epicwar.com/maps/86032) and the new map would be 5.2 P.

The changes i want are:

-15 waves
-a New item better than the triforce between the new waves
-a -mission2
-A new skill for each character (?)

-And please, DON'T change the code's style.

Well i think that's all. Sorry if I posted this topic in the wrong place. And sorry if i did some mistake but i'm 17 years old.

I would be grateful if someone does this favour.


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PostSubject: Re: [An ask] Dawn of the dead 5.2   Sun 15 Mar 2009, 23:22

Welcome to the forums...
i guess you have found these forums by taking the link given in the map DOTD 5.2N

that map has been modified by Kortes, a person with no respect for any map creator will and property... he came here, insulted s3rious, bragged how he fixed his map and got banned for that...

here is his profile:

the only way that the map can be fixed is to ask his creator, Kortes, to fix it for you.... we don't support or modify someone else's map without respect like that...

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[An ask] Dawn of the dead 5.2
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