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Funny misspelling

on Wed 09 Apr 2008, 00:32
I translated this from swedish to english.
It really happend.

A middleage pair from north USA were one cold winterday longing for the warmth and decided to
travel down to florida and live in the hotel they the spent honeymoon twenty years earlier.

The man had a longer vacation so he went down one day before his wife.

When he had checked in he saw that the room had a computer and decided to send a mail to his wife.

Though, he missed one letter in the adress and the mail ended up at a preistwidow in huston, who just got home from the
funeral of her husband and was going to look if it had came any mails with condolenses from relatives and friends

later the son found her fainted infront of the computer nad read on the screen

To: My beloved wife.

I have arrived, I know you are suprised to hear from me. They have computers here nowdays and you are allowed to
send mails to friends and beloved ones. I have just checked in. Everything is prepared for your arrival tomorrow.
I'm looking forward to meet you, I hope your trip will be as easy as mine.

PS. It's really hot down here.

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Re: Funny misspelling

on Wed 09 Apr 2008, 13:02
Hahaha, I wonder if the widow was happy to meet her husban, scared because she'd die tomorrow, or stunned because there's computers in hell Very Happy

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