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Forum updated / Tasks to do

on Fri 21 Dec 2007, 16:39
Info !

  • new advanced message / post editing box

  • about 130 inactives delete

  • rank icons updated [here]

  • flattened/simplyfied some forum sections

  • updated moderation. All Officers are now global Mods and have max permissions.

  • updated announcements [here]

  • two new sections. Starcraft II and Members Projects. at Members Projects people will be able to apply for their own section where they are moderators in as well to host their project, give info, get help and support, announce their project, find testers etc. not necessarily WCIII.

Still to be done:

  1. Fill new and generally all sections with info
  2. Update all Links in DL section / check their validness
  3. Rules/FAQ updating
  4. Portal updating (clock?, calendar?, gallery?, CloudOfWords? etc...)
  5. planning new sections. Arcade Gaming, personal Gallery
  6. active players list (colorized)
  7. preparing newsletter
  8. additional new smileys/emotes
  9. finish Medal/Awards System


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