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A Quick Gameguide

on Mon 17 Sep 2007, 10:27
Since I have nothing better to do, I will write a short: How to play Dotd

Having an engineer is crucial. The engineer is the one that builds the base. My personal favourite spot for a base is

When the boss comes, and this is important, everyone must run out of the base and refrain from killing him for a while. This is the time you go looking for items and ammo around the map. Avoid going into buildings if you can't take a hit or two from the boss.

When you have found enough ammo and items (preferably all on the map) it is time to kill the boss. ALWAYS do it outside the base, but close enough so that some of the zombies have to go through the fire to get to your base.

Now it is just basicly killing zombies and avoid killing the boss in the base up to wave 6. That is where I usually go looking for ammo.

And now it is just a long wait for the final bosses of wave 10 to die.

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