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on Sat 14 Oct 2006, 15:00
------ DotD-S.T.A.R.S official forum FAQ ------

Q: Hi, I'm new here, what is this site about?

A: Welcome, this is the Dawn of the Dead S.T.A.R.S forum. the first place for people interested in the Warcraft III map-series called "Dawn of the Dead". This site is full of useful information all around the map. Also you will find here helpful members, answering all your question about DotD, the World-Editor and our new map-project: DotD-Stars. Lately this site has developed into a multigamers community - we support now several more games, such as CS:S, Unreal or Half Life 2 (and especially its zombie-mods).

Q: Why i cant enter the site to see topics ? Do i need to register?

A: Yes, most content of our forums is locked, but you can join us to view the forums. its fast and free. here is the link: http://board.sc2-mod.org/profile.forum?mode=register

Q: I have a question. Where to ask?

A: You can either use the shoutbox for a quick question at our portal or you can start a topic in the forums, if you are registered. We do our best to answer all your questions. Additionally you can write a personal message (you can write pm's if you visit the link in the top navigation bar where it reads "you have X new messages") to our moderators or admin. Check "Usergroups" in the same Nav-bar.

Q: How to change my Avatar/Signature? And how to ...

A: For technical support, visit this site http://board.sc2-mod.org/faq.forum or contact admin or our moderators

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on Sun 06 Jan 2008, 14:03
replaced by official FAQ update in the Nav-bar header. moved to old topics -->

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