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 Change Log - Dawn of the Dead B9d

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PostSubject: Change Log - Dawn of the Dead B9d   Sat 06 Jun 2015, 00:55

A bit late, but here we go:

//=========================== Dawn Of The Dead 6.0 Beta 9d ===========================//


Changes/Fixes done until now:

- Added a new difficulty level: Purgatory.
- Added a new mode: Extra Challenge.
- Big changes to first mission. Including: more civilians to rescue, they won't get stuck when their savior dies.
- Redesigned most of the hero ability tooltips to show more information.
- Fast mode now does not reduce experience gain or zombie hitpoints.
- "Disable Life Support" now requires a minimum rank of Corporal.
- The amount of enemies in the later stages of the game is reduced, but their strength increased.

== HEROES ==
- Removed weapon penetration from everyone but Assaultman but upped the basic attack damage a little to compensate.
- Rifleman: Fixed various bugs with Stim Pack.
- Machine Gunner: Ammunition Link now increases Clip size by 1 per level, not by 2.
- Demolition: Anti-Tank Rocket now deals an additional 6/9/12/15/18% of the target's max hp as bonus dmg.
- Demolition: Finalized the Demolitions skill tree.
- Field Technician: Drones should not crash the map anymore when they are near the map border.
- Field Technician: Finalized the skill tree for Offensive and Defensive abilities.
- Field Technician: Regenerate now doesn't require the drone to be attached to the target. Any nearby drone will heal now.
- Field Technician: Laser Targeting now deals 5% of the target's max hp per drone.
- Sniper: Claymores now only deal minimal damage to allies in the blast radius.
- Sniper: Sniper Shot is now called Headshot. Headshot's base damage is increased when carrying a Sniper-specific primary weapon.
- Sniper: High-Velocity ammunition now increases attack speed, not penetration distance.
- Adv. Marksman and Scout: Those two have switched places. Marksman now has no rank requirement. Scout is unlocked for Corporal or higher.
- Engineer: Can now refill REC-7 MGL and RPG32.
- Medic: Steroids are weaker now.
- Scout: Orbital Cannon's bonus damage on designated targets is now 10% of their maximum hp (over the full duration).
- Scout: Reduced Flare duration and cooldown.

== ITEMS ==
- Added a bunch of new items.
- Items are now stronger color coded. Damage items have a red tint, support items are green, defensive items blue, special items are purple.
- Class-specific items for specialized heroes (Firebat, Sniper, etc) will now spawn at the start of Hell Mode.
- Stabilized item spawns (basic supplies are more likely to drop in sufficient amounts).
- Items and dog tags will not spawn in deep water anymore and are less likely to spawn in inaccessible locations.
- Vulcan M61: Fixed a bug where heroes other than the Machine Gunner could pick it up. It is also pimped with a new active ability.

- Added several new enemies and skills to existing ones.
- Zombies can now inflict much nastier open wounds later in the game.

- NPC marines are more careful to avoid killing allies with rockets.
- Satchel/Explosive Charge/Claymore models are now a little larger and brighter.
- Helicopter spawns should not cause crashes anymore.
- Artillery cannot kill Iron Gates and bridges anymore.
- Brought NPC Medic's damage in line with the other NPC soldiers.
- Player corpses can now be evacuated with every helicopter, not only with the ones called by MEDIVAC.

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PostSubject: Re: Change Log - Dawn of the Dead B9d   Sat 18 Jul 2015, 11:25

Twisted Evil

where download ?
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PostSubject: Re: Change Log - Dawn of the Dead B9d   Sat 18 Jul 2015, 12:20

tenritee wrote:
Twisted Evil

where download ?

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PostSubject: Re: Change Log - Dawn of the Dead B9d   Sun 19 Jul 2015, 01:10

I've added a download link to the top post (and also updated the description of the download post; it still said beta 8b). That should clear up things a bit.
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PostSubject: Re: Change Log - Dawn of the Dead B9d   

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Change Log - Dawn of the Dead B9d
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