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what are you guys playing these days?

on Mon 02 Sep 2013, 05:31
so.. i'm bored tonight... since the forum is back from it's redirection from evil that i feel it was an exploit from the chat window, i wanted to see who was still checking the forums..

so.. what are you old school guys playing these days?

for me:
Warframe: free to play as a space ninja ^_^ PVE fun... even if it's starting to be repetitive after 200 hours of play, week-end events break the mold and enjoyable...

Payday2: can be fun, but is way too repetitive for me... grinding those jobs for cash and xp is starting to bore me...

Final Fantasy 7: still a goddamned it's a nice game... i'm gonna grind my way to kick ruby's ass!

and a mix of games i got in the steam summer sale...

what about you guys?

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Re: what are you guys playing these days?

on Tue 03 Sep 2013, 11:26
Dota 2 for most of the time, as most of my friends got it.

Startet to play some Guild Wars 2 again.

Metal Gear Solid - What can I say, best game franchise far.

Borderlands 2 - Pretty nice for the first 100-300 hours.

The old FF are awesome, maybe will start FF VIII again, my favourite FF in terms of gameplay and story.


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Re: what are you guys playing these days?

on Tue 10 Sep 2013, 09:37
Still LoL and nowadays mostly CS: GO

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Re: what are you guys playing these days?

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