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on Wed 03 Jul 2013, 00:01
Hello.i started playing this map like a week ago,and then i have found this place,and couldnt
believe that the map was under development for few years now...its amazing.
Although,i have checked this forum,i have some ideas,but since i've read that the main developer has quit on this project,i wont bother exposing them.
Here is the question :
Is it possible that in in 20 games or more,i never got the power plant mission or the hydra something,etc?It always went like this : civilians>lab>
sewer>go to the dock for agent orange>back to the sewer>back to the lab>mutant animals>radar tower>extraction>sheep.
Do i have to trigger these other missions or what?

Btw,i am looking for ppl who still wanna play this map,i am hosting on ENT host bot on battle net,nickname as the same as this,so every1 is more than welcomed to join.
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on Fri 12 Jul 2013, 22:35
It is possible. Most likely you played Normal Mode or Nightmare. In Normal Mode its always Agent Orange. In Nightmare it is some chance that you get to the Power Plant, and in Hell Mode I think it is very unlikely to get the Agent Orange Mission.
Me and some friends might still play, but I am really busy atm and they usually only play when I call them. Still you can check in on the Channel "Clan ZDC" on Us East. There are people still semi active and still play it. Have fun and see you round.

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