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How to download the Blizzard classics (legal)

on Mon 23 Apr 2012, 22:47
First of all you need to own the game, you need the CD-key to make this work.

Register at and register there.

At your account page go to the cathegory "Games & Codes" and click on "Add or upgrade a game".

The rest is really self explanatory...

Warcraft 2 edition seems not to work for me, but starcraft anthology, diablo 2 + expansion, and warcraft 3 + expansion.

I used this to easily change my Warcraft 3 and Starcraft from german (only language available on the german cd) to the original english, but you can also make use of that if you lost your CDs, but still have your CD-keys.

Hope I could help someone, have fun!

Ps: It's not just for the classics, you can manage your WoW-Account, your SC2 Account and aswell your Diablo3 Beta Account here, as far as I've seen it, but I don't play any of them (any more).

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