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PostSubject: Codes   Wed 16 Aug 2006, 19:37

why do the the fuckin codes not work. Evil or Very Mad i really hate then the code doesnt work Evil or Very Mad ... isnt there a program (or something) that can see if the code works?? scratch
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PostSubject: Re: Codes   Wed 16 Aug 2006, 21:45

hm... as far as i know there isnt a program to check that - i had several times an invalid code too - this seems to be a bug on special experience points or levels or account names...

well, all i can suggest is: do it like me and use your last valid code and save again - and hope that it works Confused

a general hint is always: dont mix up "0" and "O" Wink

that reminds me to write a trigger in our new map that checks if the code is true...

btw: removed double thread posting


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