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Change Log - DotD 6.0 Beta 8b Pp_adm10
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Change Log - DotD 6.0 Beta 8b Empty Change Log - DotD 6.0 Beta 8b

on Thu 01 Jul 2010, 16:40
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//=========================== Dawn Of The Dead 6.0 Beta 8 ===========================//

Changes/Fixes done until now:

- Increased the time threshold for difficulty/mode selection by 5 seconds.
- Updated the P.D.A.
- Added a help command for showing most available commands ("-help commands").
- DotD can not be loaded through Warcraft's normal game-save function anymore.
- Corpses of dead players will not spawn in normal mode anymore (since no MEDEVAC is available).
- Added a new secret.
- Improved Cinematic Skip for the intro scene.
- Increased the potency of Ailment Resistance, but made it harder to acquire it.

- Fixed a bug in the save system (has nothing to do with "invalid code" issues).
- Fixed a bug where the game would not start properly.
- Fixed a bug where too many Mutated Experiments would spawn.
- Fixed a bug that would prevent Antibiotics from working properly.

- Removed Napalm from Attack Helicopters.

- Field Technician's White Phosphor skill has improved special effects.
- Field Technician's tooltip fixed.
- Vanguards's tooltip fixed.
- Machine Gunner's Aerial Frag Grenade cooldown reduced by 5 seconds.
- Machine Gunner's Aerial Frag Grenade energy cost reduced by 5.

- Added some new items.

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