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 Hall Of Fame!

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PostSubject: Hall Of Fame!   Mon 02 Nov 2009, 06:56

* Hall of Fame *

This post salutes all the major people and milestones achieved over the life of Dawn of the Dead. Thank you all for your contributions!

First GEN: Dragonfire_92
Description: This is an acknowledgement to Dragonfire_92 for being the very first person to reach the rank of General, the highest rank in Dawn of the Dead! Congratulations

Dawn of the Dead 1-5: PreViO, UN-Aquarius
Description: This is an acknowledge to the people who worked on making the Dawn of the Dead maps 1-5.

Night of the Dead: Aftermath: Azazel_
Description: This is an acknowledge to the creator of NotD:AM for having paved the way for most modern zombie maps.

First Strike Medal: DarkSath, Mishotaki, Dragonfire, chaos_wolf, Taichou, Spinnentier and s3rius
Description: The First Strike Medal is awarded to all those that put a lot of work into making Dawn of the Dead a better map.

Hosting Bot: Mishotaki, Eustoma
Description: This is a thank you to all the people that have hosted a bot for a considerable time which has helped spread this great map


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Hall Of Fame!
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